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5 Activities For Older People To Keep You Fit


Keeping active as an older person is important. Assisted living and care homes will often provide activities for older people to help keep you active, but if you live independently you have to keep active yourself. Staying active will help you maintain independence and help you enjoy the activities you love as you get older. The best thing is, no matter how old you are or what fitness level you have, there are plenty of activities for you to take part in.


Why Staying Active Matters As You Get Older

Exercise should be a core part of the daily activities for older people because it keeps your physical and mental health in good shape. It can also help reduce stress and boost your mood. Most importantly it helps you avoid falling which is a huge risk to older people.


According to the NHS, one in 3 adults who are aged over 65 will have at least one fall a year and about half of those people will fall more often. Falls are a serious matter at this age, as they are the most common cause of death in the over 75’s in the UK. Our Better At Home Report reveals that exercise helps you avoid falling and if you do fall, having stronger bones will help you avoid a break.

5 Activities To Help You Stay Fit

If you are looking for inspiration to stay moving as you age, take a look at these 5 activities to get you started:


  1. Walking

It might sound simple but it is a type of exercise accessible to anyone. At the very least it is a gateway exercise to get you back into more rigorous types of exercise. It works your lungs, heart, glutes and muscles, and it gives you exposure to nature which is fantastic for your mental health.


  1. Gardening

Gardening can be extremely taxing and so it is a great form of exercise. Enjoy the weather outside, tend your plants and maybe even cultivate your own vegetable garden. Being in touch with nature is good for physical and mental well-being whatever our age, and spending time moving around in the garden will work lots of different muscles and get your heart rate up.


  1. Local Classes For Seniors

There will be local classes in your area specifically for your age group. Zumba, salsa, pilates, tai chi – all kinds of movement classes to take your fancy. These classes are a fun way to exercise and to make friends.


  1. Swimming

Swimming is really low impact so it is perfect if you have mobility issues. There are usually discounts for seniors at council run centres and you there are often aqua-aerobics classes you can join if you want a more fun water-based way to exercise.


  1. Volunteering

There are often volunteering projects that enable you to exercise in a meaningful way. Perhaps it is a local dog shelter needing volunteers to walk the dogs, a nature reserve needing help with maintaining the plants and structures, or a local school needing older volunteers to go on day trips. Why not stay fit in a meaningful way that benefits your community?


Exercise is really important and will help you avoid life-changing diseases, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, balance issues and more. Staying active could even help you stay independent for longer. Start moving today and improve your health, for the health of your future.

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  • Hi Anna. Great Blog as always.
    My Mum was really immobile in later years and subsequently ended up putting on quite alot of weight. She struggled to walk and her breathing was quite laboured. She often ended up with infections.

    I decided I was NOT going to let this happen, and so I exercise regularly and do Pilates.

    • Ah Pilates – what great exercise! I go to a class with several women (and a man) in their 70s and 2 women who are in their 80s which really goes to show that you are never too old to keep fit and healthy. Pilates is also great for balance which can help avoid falls too.

  • Brilliant and important article. Thanks.

  • Really enjoyed reading this article – it’s important to keep fit and active as we get older!

  • Great blog, it is so important to stay active and fit and it can be something you enjoy doing!

  • Very important to raise awareness on keeping fit, especially in this day and age. The benefits for older generations needs to be highligted more aggressively that can avoid serious complications…

  • My mum who is her 80s is fortunate to still be fit and mobile and loves to go out walking at least twice a day. The other advantage to this is that she meets so many different people when she is out and about so it is a great benefit for her socially as well.

  • Proof that exercise doesn’t have to be exhausting! Some great tips!

  • Good point – use it or lose it!

  • keeping active makes a real difference to quality of life! small amount each day also makes you feel good too…


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