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Hear the difference live-in care can make, from people who’ve experienced it

Live-in care can make a huge, life-changing difference to people’s lives. Read genuine stories from people who’ve experienced live-in care first-hand.

Penny gets her life and friends back

Penny, 72, had already suffered a stroke, resulting in the onset of vascular dementia, memory loss and confusion. After she had a fall, her family wasn’t able to care for her full-time, so arranged for Penny to move into a care home. While satisfied with the level of care, Penny felt lonely and afraid, while missing her friends and neighbours. After her family heard about live-in care, they brought in two specialist dementia carers from The Good Care Group; one, more mature with lots in common with Penny. She now alternates two week assignments with a younger, bubbly Australian carer who loves to cook. The service is both subtle and highly supportive, giving Penny a real sense of independence. From doing the washing up, to putting away the shopping and seeing friends, Penny lives as active a life as possible, doing wonders for her general wellbeing.

Penny’s daughter Lesley says: “The solution of one-to-one care in her own home from The Good Care Group is perfect. It lets my mother be sociable in her own environment. She’s now got her life and her friends back.”

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