We are the Live-In Care Hub – A partnership of leading live in care providers across the UK

We are calling on any people who have first aid training or professional or personal experience in caring for elderly and vulnerable people to join us as our members recruit Live-In Carers to help get people out of hospital and back into their own homes.

Not only will these carers be crucial in caring for people who are able to leave hospital but they will also play a key role in ensuring they help avoid readmissions while resources are desperately needed elsewhere.

Training will be provided to ensure high standards of care are delivered and we intend to have trained carers ready within 14 days of applying.

The Hub provides an easy way to view and apply for jobs with a range of providers all from one central location. A live-in care job with one of our hub member companies assures you of a job with a leading care provider who offers training, flexible hours and great rates of pay and a fulfilling career.

If you care to make a difference make it now with the Live-In care hub and start your journey towards becoming a live in carer for our leading care providers.

Is a career in live-in care for you?

It takes a certain kind of person to become a carer. And someone with something even more special inside to be a live-in carer – take a look at this video and see if that sounds like you.

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The Live In Care Hub was founded in 2012 as an initiative to raise the profile of live-in care in the UK as a genuine alternative to residential care homes for the elderly. The members of the Hub are a group of partner companies all providing live-in care services and are all members of the United Kingdom Homecare Association. At the Live In Care Hub we share a common vision to provide the very highest standards of homecare and to help everyone appreciate the benefits of live-in care.

In order to maintain our very high standards, our member companies have professional development schemes in place to help carers keep their existing skills up to date and to help them learn new skills as they develop in their careers. Hub members offer high levels of support and supervision, if required, and the opportunity to progress to supervisory or managerial roles within the homecare sector.

We are all dedicated to improving the quality of homecare in the UK by offering care for people in their own homes, in their familiar surroundings with friends and neighbours nearby. In-home care enables loved ones to enjoy all aspects of everyday life in a real home environment – their own home.

As respected experts in live-in care the aim of our member companies is to provide an alternative way of life for those in their later years – one that provides everything they need without requiring them to move into a residential home.

Although many live-in carers have already worked in the health sector, professional experience is not always needed. For instance, you may have cared for a family member in the past. The important ingredients for the role are universal, such as compassion, dedication, common sense, a positive, outgoing personality and a good level of fitness. Needless to say, you’ll be comfortable working on your own. You’ll also have the confidence to make your own decisions and run a household.

Live in care jobs or home care jobs provide a career like few others. It could involve living away from your own home for potentially lengthy periods, but many alternate live-in care with stays with family or friends. If you’re an ‘empty nester’ or don’t own your own home, it could be the ideal arrangement. In fact, many carers come from overseas, combining a career with travelling. And you’ll find there are plenty of other perks besides. With your board and lodgings paid for most of the year, your cost of living will fall dramatically – leaving you more of your salary left over to spend and save.

Many of the leading care providers listed here have excellent employment packages too, whether employed or self-employed. Some have even won awards for their employment reputation, each and every year.

Added to good rates of pay for live in care jobs, most fully managed and introductory agencies look for carers to join their ongoing professional development schemes, so they can refresh their skills and stay on top of the latest developments.

Don’t worry. As a live-in carer, you’ll never feel on your own. With carers often meeting up regionally as part of their professional development, there’s a real sense of team spirit. Some providers even have their own accommodation or guesthouses, which carers can stay in between bookings.

As a demanding job, the support on offer tends to be very high. Carers and clients are carefully matched, making sure you and the person you’re looking after will get on well throughout your time together. In fact, your wellbeing is taken just as seriously as the client’s.

Supervision is also there when needed, along with expert coaching and mentoring. All so you can deliver the very best care, without ever feeling you’re being left to cope alone.

If you’re brilliant at your job, there’s also the potential to step up into a supervisor or management role. Live-in care is a fast-growing industry, which means you’ll enjoy lots of scope for career progression with home care jobs and live in care jobs.

And of course, you can relax knowing you’re working for a trusted, experienced company. All our care providers are members of the United Kingdom Homecare Association, guaranteeing the very highest standards of care.

Do you want to make a difference every day? To experience that satisfaction that comes from helping others? By starting a job as a live in carer you have the chance to make this difference caring for someone in their own home.

Job satisfaction is so important but you will also benefit from flexible hours, good rates of pay, generous holidays and ongoing training. If you already have experience as a carer in a residential or nursing home, a switch to a homecare job will remind you why you do this job – it will remind you of the rewards of caring, of being able to provide companionship and support to people most in need.

Our hub members are seeking compassionate people with a practical common sense approach who want to be part of the drive to improve care standards in the UK. And who want to make life better for elderly people in their last years.

We are seeking experienced carers but also those who have the right approach to caring and could become fantastic carers following a period of training. So lack of experience is not a barrier to becoming a live-in carer.

We do, however, expect our carers to speak good English, have the right to work in the UK and, preferably, hold a full driving licence, although this isn’t essential.

Find out more about applying for a live-in care job with one of our partnership of leading  providers and make a difference today.

In a live in care job you would be providing one-to-one caring services in a client’s home so you would naturally have a measure of independence in how that relationship works, which is why we seek carers with a mature outlook and bags of common sense. But just because you will be living and working in your client’s home doesn’t mean you will be left to get on with it on your own. Our member companies provide support, training and managers you can always turn to for help or advice, because no matter how good you are at your job, carers do need support from time to time.

Because caring in the home is tailored to the client’s particular needs you will be providing everyday help such as bathing, dressing, preparing food, help with eating and with medication. But you will also be providing companionship and, for those with specialist skills you might also be providing help with conditions such as a stroke, dementia or Parkinson’s.

Working as a live-in carer means providing housekeeping tasks and companionship too so that your client can enjoy the small things in life that make a difference to them – it might simply be playing cards, reading a book or watching TV. Every day can be different if that’s what suits the client but equally every day could follow a similar routine too.

We are here to make sure you are right for the client and the client is right for you, so that you can go on to make a genuine difference and to feel genuine job satisfaction. If it suits the client you don’t need to have rigid timetables meaning your days will be more interesting and fulfilling.

Homecare has been shown to provide a better experience for the elderly than a residential care home but, equally it provides those who enter this career with a better experience too. Time to do the very best job you can, time to be the very best carer you can. A live in care job is not just a job, not just a career, but something much more rewarding. It provides the opportunity and environment to excel while providing a highly valued service.

Hub member companies are amongst the very best homecare providers in the UK – we cover the whole of the United Kingdom and also the Channel Islands giving you the opportunity to live and work in a range of areas from busy London locations to countryside and coast; in places near your friends and community or in completely new places. The choice is yours.

You can be sure of receiving the best training and support, of having the opportunity to refresh existing skills, receive good pay and benefits.  You will have support when you need it yet independence too to use your skills, experience and judgement to know what is the right thing to do. You can also choose to work on a self-employed basis or as an employee – many hub members offer the option of both.

You’ll find plenty of long-term options for ongoing homecare and also short-term options for respite or convalescence periods, for instance so you only have to commit for as little or as long a time as you wish. No wonder so many people in the caring profession are choosing a live-in care job.

By providing trained, experienced, full time live-in carers elderly people can stay in their own homes and in their own familiar surroundings indefinitely. Friends and family can visit at any time, and people can follow a routine that suits them – one where they can keep their pets and make trips out and about should they wish. This type of caring has huge physical and emotional benefits for the client and is a rewarding job for the carer. A person’s own home and familiar surroundings is the ideal environment for any older person requiring care and even complex needs and nursing can be accommodated by some of our most highly skilled carers.


With experienced carers on hand 24/7 clients are always assured of a safe and proactively monitored environment. Much of the work they undertake provides for all the needs of their clients – often including specialist help for medical conditions.

It has been shown that Live-in homecare with it’s much closer one to one supervision than in a care home significantly reduces the risk of falls, skin conditions and infections; and, therefore, reduces the likelihood of admission to hospital and reduces the risk of readmissions once discharged.

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