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Simple Activities To Keep Fit in Mind And Body in Old Age

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Keeping in great shape as you age is something you can achieve. Read about these easy activities that everyone can do to keep fit physically and mentally in later life.

Here in the UK you can now expect to live into your 70’s and beyond. However, the quality of life you can expect has a lot to do with the effort you put in to avoiding bad habits, eating well, and taking part in activities that keep your mind and your body in great shape. To help you feel inspired to maintain great physical and mental form in your golden years, take a look at these simple activities for enhancing fitness as you age:

Meet With Friends For A Coffee

It doesn’t matter if you’re meeting a new friend, an old family member, if you’re going to a social club, or helping out at a local charity shop, as long as you’re staying social. Over half of the elderly say they are lonely and two fifths count the TV as their main source of company. Loneliness is dangerous for your mind and body so it is important to stay in touch with others and maintain a good social life.

Get Moving

Go for a walk to the shops, go swimming, go dancing, or even go hill walking if you’re still agile enough! As long as you stay moving, your muscles are worked and stay strong, your heart rate is raised and your bones stay strong too. You can find more information about keep fit classes for the elderly near you on Age UK and on the NHS website.

Learn Something New

You have to continue to challenge your brain to keep it young, and that includes learning something new whenever you can. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, it just has to involve new material for your brain to process. Perhaps learning a new language would be perfect for you, or maybe you’ve always fancied learning how to keep bonsai trees, it really doesn’t matter what you’re learning as long as you continue to learn.

Get Out In Nature

Being in nature is known to have many benefits for the mind and body, and it is so important to get out in nature whenever you can. As you age, it can be easy to stay in your ‘safe place’ at home and avoid outdoor areas that are not essential to day to day life. However, being in nature helps to lift the mood and provide a sense of perspective. Whether you walk, run or even just sit in a place surrounded by nature, you will keep fit and there will be some level of positive effect on your mind, body or both.

If you have any difficulty at all taking part in activities outside of the home, or even in day to day living, please reach out for help. Speak to friends and family or your GP, and look into care options if you need some help and support.

Live-in care is a way to stay independent within your home, and to stay as healthy and happy as possible and able to enjoy all of the activities above and more with the support of your carer.

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