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Present Ideas for People With Different Stages Of Dementia

Finding the perfect present for a loved one with dementia can be very difficult. If your loved one is one of the 850,000 people in the UK living with dementia, it may be difficult to know what to go for. With this in mind, we’ve put together some tips for present ideas for people at different stages of dementia.


Assessing your loved one’s condition

Gifts for the early stages of dementia

Gifts for the intermediate stages of dementia

Gifts for the advanced stages of dementia

The gift of care

Assessing your loved one’s condition

It is vital that you understand what stage of dementia your loved one is experiencing before you buy them a gift. There are different stages of dementia. These create different needs, and if you understand the impact of the different stages, you can ensure you buy an appropriate gift that will be useful and kind.

Gifts for the early stages of dementia

In the early stages of dementia, you can purchase plenty of useful and practical gifts for your loved one. These can help to keep their minds as active as possible and provide comfort if they are struggling with emotional difficulties.

Here are some useful present ideas for this stage of dementia:

  • Crossword, sudoku, or puzzle books and apps – Classic brain teasers can assist with keeping the mind sharp and engaged. Depending on what symptoms of dementia your loved one is experiencing, it might be wise to look for versions with large print or digital apps that have difficulty levels that can be adjusted over time. That way, your gift will likely last for longer.
  • Music or film playlists – If you know what their favourite movies or songs are, a personalised playlist on their streaming service, or even an old-fashioned mixtape or CD might be a thoughtful gift.
  • Digital photo frames or photo albums – Depending on how much your loved one uses technology, one of these might be a better choice than the other. Take your time to find some photos of their favourite faces and memories. These cannot only help to provide some comfort, but they can spark conversations, about happy times. This can be a significant mood booster
  • Therapy boxes – You can now purchase special boxes that have been designed to spark reminiscence. You can choose your era, and the box will be put together with significant items from that time. This can help to stimulate memory.
  • Mobile phone with fewer features – Consider purchasing a mobile phone with preset contacts and an easy-to-use format. This will allow your loved one to keep in contact with their friends and family better.

Live-in Care for people with Dementia


Gifts for the intermediate stages of dementia

As symptoms progress, many useful opportunities can present themselves to assist with your loved one’s practical concerns.

These include:

  • Whiteboards or blackboards – Having somewhere to write down important messages, notes, and reminders can be extremely useful if memory is an issue.
  • Large clocks and watches – Having a visible sense of time can help bring comfort to your loved one. You may even opt for a talking clock telling your loved one the time if they cannot see it.
  • Lights with timers – If your loved one needs good light levels to avoid symptoms of sundowning, for example, timer lights or even smart lighting may be a great present for them. This cannot only help reduce the symptoms of sundowning but can also reduce the risk of falls due to low lighting.
  • GPS tracker – A wearable device that can help you track your loved one if they are prone to going outside without assistance. This cannot only provide you with peace of mind, but your loved one will be aware that you will know where to find them if they get lost.
  • Pill organisers – A pill organiser can help your loved one avoid overdosing due to them not remembering whether they have taken their medication. You can actually obtain dispensers that have alarms on to remind your loved one to take their pills.

Gifts for the advanced stages of dementia

As the symptoms of dementia advance, there are still practical and thoughtful gifts that you can purchase for your loved one.

  • Comfortable clothing – Loose fitting soft clothing that is easy to pull on and pull off could give your loved one a little independence for a longer time.It will also help them keep comfortable.
  • Weighted blankets – Some people report the effect of a weighted blanket being similar to being hugged. This can provide comfort and can calm your loved one when they are feeling stressed.
  • Stuffed animals or dolls – Comfort and companionship may be difficult for a loved one living with dementia, and some people have found stuffed animals or dolls useful in giving that sense of companionship.
  • Portable music player – A simple, easy-to-use music player that you can move around with your loved one can be useful, especially if preloaded with their favourite songs.


I have witnessed first-hand how providing care for someone with dementia in their own home creates a safe and familiar environment. This personalised, one-on-one care significantly enhances their quality of life, promoting comfort and stability.

Trudi Scrivener

The gift of care

As the symptoms of dementia progress, there is one major present that you may be able to arrange for your loved one that will help them live better with dementia. Organising a live in carer will allow your loved one to stay longer in their own home, retain as much independence as possible, and save the confusion and upset it may cause by moving them to a home.

Not only this, but it may take the pressure off you, so you can give an even better gift to your loved one – a gift of quality time.

For more information about live-in care get in touch with us on 0330 311 2906 or find out more by reading our guide: “What Is Live-in Care?


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