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Palliative Care – Can You Really Have it at Home?

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No longer does the need for palliative care mean you have to leave your home for a hospital or hospice to get the range of services and support that you require. Palliative care gives those diagnosed with a serious or terminal illness the care required to manage both physical and emotional conditions. Palliative Care at home could ensure the patient receives care with a holistic and individual approach and this could also provide an extra layer of support to give the best quality of life to both the person who is at the end of their life and their family and friends.

Palliative care services you can have at home:


  • Personal care for dressing, toileting and bathing
  • Medication help
  • Continence care
  • Housekeeping and meal preparation
  • Food and medical supplies collection
  • Companionship and psychological support
  • Complex care for specific conditions


This is not an exhaustive list and finding the right palliative care providers for your condition will ensure the treatment and support you need is given, as much as possible, in your own home through a range of care services. The Live In Care Hub offers impartial advice to ensure that people of all ages can understand different care levels, funding options and assistance to find the right provider for your live in care needs.

Choices for palliative care

Hospice care – Hospice care doesn’t have to involve moving into a hospice. If you are faced with a terminal diagnosis, you can combine living at home with hospice care on a day visit basis. This can allow you to receive live in care support at home, but access wider services than available when required and to meet other people receiving care.

Home visits – Shorter visits may be enough to begin with. A carer can help you with visits a number of times a day, to provide a range of services that help you stay in your home.

Live-in care – A live-in carer will be on hand when you need them. Palliative care from a specially trained provider who is matched to your care needs and personality can give you company and friendship that will help you manage your illness, condition and diagnosis whilst achieving the best possible life for as long as possible. A live-in carer will assist you to keep up with hobbies, friendships and be around for companionship and care that is specifically tailored for you. You won’t be subject to changing personnel, which is a comfort for you and your family to know you are receiving care when they can’t be with you.

Palliative care at home can also help you keep in contact with your family and support you to have your wishes understood. It is essential that you are treated with respect and your right to remain in your home is observed for as long as you want. In-home palliative care is ideal for keeping couples or families together, to stay and have support to care for pets that would not be able to move into a care or nursing home.



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