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Jobs In Care Homes: There Is A More Rewarding Option

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Find out about great alternatives to jobs in care homes that help you stay in social care, but with more job benefits.

Jobs in care homes can be incredibly rewarding and with an ageing population of over 60’s growing at a rate of about 3% every single year, there is no shortage of jobs within the elderly care industry. The problem is, that working in a care home isn’t always as rewarding for carers as it should be.

Care homes can be very challenging places to work, with some pushing their carers to have under ten minutes to help each resident at a time, leaving no room for conversation or getting to know each other.

Clearly, not all care homes suffer these issues but many do, and for those who went into a caring career to fully develop their compassion nature, job satisfaction is more than lacking.

If you’re feeling a little dissatisfied with your care home job, you may be wondering if you need to leave the care profession, or if there is an alternative that gives you that job satisfaction you have always wanted. If that sounds like you, have you considered working providing care in an old person’s own home?

Elderly care in the home is often the kind of carer work that lots of people dream of doing, only they end up taking a job in a care home expecting to be able to apply the same level of care, and it soon becomes apparent that it isn’t the case. It may even be that you have considered being an elderly carer but you have been put off by the reports of strained time limits in residential care. In-home care enables compassionate people just like you, the opportunity to properly apply your skills and training, making a real difference to the lives of those you work with.

Make a real difference to the lives of those you care for…

The Benefits Of Becoming A Live-in Carer

Becoming a live-in carer comes with no time restrictions, job restrictions or other issues commonly associated with working in a residential care home. A person working within live-in care is able to fully apply their skills and compassion to the client they are working for.

When you work within live-in care you are able to:

  • Help your client with their nutritional needs: prepare and cook the food they enjoy.
  • Help your client with their physical health: encourage them to get up and about.
  • Manage medicine schedules
  • Help clients remain social: accompany them to events and activities.
  • Keep your client company, helping them to avoid loneliness
  • Use your organisational skills
  • Apply any specialist training you have, such as dementia care.

You can help your client to enjoy a schedule that makes them happy, and that keeps them healthy.

You can know that your client has a much higher quality of life because of you. Even better, the quality of your life is better too. You get paid well, receive regular training and you get a week, or two weeks off at a time as you will likely alternate the job with another person. You can even save on household bills at home whilst you stay with your client in their home during working days. The benefits of being a live-in carer apply to both the carer and the client, and even the wider community as care in the home relieves the pressure on NHS bed blocking, often a result of a lack of adequate care provision.

How To Become A Live-in Carer

Becoming a live-in carer is actually very easy, as long as you have the right basic attributes for being in the care profession. It is a good idea to get in touch with some live-in care agencies to discuss your interest and make the first steps towards starting your dream job. You may require some previous experience, but you may also receive training to help you build a relevant skillset. You can also find more information about home care jobs here, if you don’t want to make a direct enquiry yet.

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