Care Home Jobs: There’s a More Rewarding Alternative


Working in a care home comes with many benefits, but also plenty of downsides too. Here we look at a more rewarding alternative to working in a residential care home.


Most people start working in a care home because they want to feel like they are caring for people and improving their quality of life. Very few people chose a caring career for the pay. Residential care home jobs don’t necessarily pay very well and it can be a difficult role which takes a lot of physical and emotional stamina.


You have to want to care for people in order to work the long hours tending to the needs of people who may not always thank you for what you’re doing. If you are currently working in a care home, you may struggle with certain aspects of the job such as having to spend a minimal amount of time helping clients with personal tasks, and not being able to get to know residents as you would like to. You will also find yourself rushing from one resident to another, not having the time they would like you to have to be able to stay and just spend time talking to them.


If you are feeling less than enthusiastic about your next care home jobs, there is a more rewarding alternative: live-in care.


Live-in care is becoming increasingly popular and so the need for live-in carers has grown. Live-in care jobs are where you live with a client in their own home and provide them with care that is individual and tailored to the person.


For example: one person might require only basic personal care support, but they have a very active social life and require a lot of help getting to clubs and social activities. Another person may have MS or dementia and require a lot of help with personal care, as well as good companionship because they can’t get out much. Every client is different and so there’s lots of potential for you to find work that brings you real satisfaction and makes a real difference. Importantly, you have time to do the things that matter and make a difference.


The Opportunity To Provide Excellent Care

One huge advantage to live-in care jobs for carers who may have felt stretched in other types of caring jobs, is that you can enjoy the freedom and time you need to properly look after your client. You will truly be able to enhance somebody’s life and so will feel true job satisfaction. You can take the time to develop a really meaningful relationship with your client, or clients (if you work with a couple) and will be able to tailor your services to their exact needs.


A Varied Job

Another issue with care home jobs is that they can be mundane and lack interest. With a live-in care job there is so much variety you simply can’t get bored. With everyday tasks you’re going to get enjoyment because you will be able to chat with your client and you will be making the food they like – maybe even learning some new recipes. You will also be helping them attend appointments and social events as well as take them to places they might want to visit. You might also go with them on weekends away or holidays.


A Better Salary

Live-in care jobs provide an excellent salary, compared to other care jobs. As you provide a more intensive type of care the pay tends to be higher. You will also be working more hours than you might in a residential care home which means you get a bigger pay packet. You will also save money on the job because you will not have to pay for accommodation, utilities and food.


Live-in care jobs offer many benefits and if you do feel dissatisfied in your current residential care home position, it is worth looking into this career option – it’s something similar but better.




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  • I came to the UK to do a bit of travelling but quickly ran low on money. Being a live-in Carer has let me save lots (no rent or bills ?) to continue my travels.

  • The joy of being a self-employed live-in carer is that you can decide when you want to work and for how long, which is great for work-life balance. The job is always varied as no day is ever the same and you get the opportunity to build a one to one relationship with your client and their family. Being self-employed means that you are responsible for your own training but with keeping up to date with training requirements, the range of clients available to you is much wider.

  • Totally agree with Wendy – working as a live-in carer you have full flexibility on the hours you work so you can have control over your work/life balance!

  • Every day is different as a Live in Carer! As a Live in Carer you are able to communicate with the client and build up your own routine suiting the client and ensuring they are receiving excellent care whereas quite often in a residential home, carers become frustrated that they do not have enough time to provide good suitable care to each client/resident.


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