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Helping Older People Live A Better Life: Be A Live In Carer


Did you know:

  • Over 1 million people aged over 65 in the UK are malnourished or at risk of malnourishment (source: AgeUK)
  • 17% of older people in the UK have contact with friends, family or neighbours less than once a week and half of those have contact less than once a month (source: Campaign To End Loneliness)
  • A lack of exercise takes a bigger toll on the elderly than on younger people (source: The Journal of Physiology)

These statistics might seem daunting but there is something you can do to help, to make a big difference to at least one elderly person in the UK. You can become a live in carer and be involved in helping older people.

Live in carers are able to make a huge difference in an elderly person’s life, or even in the lives of a couple. If you’re interested in a career in the care sector or you are already moving between carer jobs, here’s how a live-in carer can help an older person:

Boosting Mental Health

Live in carers help their clients to avoid loneliness by keeping them company and by taking them to social events. There is also an emphasis on helping clients maintain independence, to maintain or continue with hobbies, and to stay active, all which help to boost mental health.

Taking The Time To Care

With a live in care job you have the time to care as you want to, rather than having to rush to get jobs done within a tight timeframe as with many residential care jobs. You can have meaningful conversations and actually take your time completing personal care jobs, which ensures your client feels respected and cared for; you really are helping older people.

Helping With Nutrition

A high percentage of elderly people are malnourished because often their diets don’t change despite different nutritional needs as they age.  As a live in carer you can provide the correct nutrition to your client.

Boosting Physical Health

You can be involved in helping older people, your clients, maintain independence and good health by helping them to stay physically active. Helping them with physically active hobbies like gardening, along with encouraging various activities like walking and taking part in age-specific exercise classes will be of huge benefit to your client.

Avoiding a Residential Care Home

According to Live-In Care Hub research, 97% of people would not want to move in to a residential care home if they became unable to care for themselves. By providing an affordable alternative to residential care you help people stay in their own homes, in a familiar environment and near everything they have ever known. They get to keep their pets and stay near their neighbours. In some cases you may even be helping couples stay together, as tragically some couples get separated when moving into residential care.

It isn’t hard to see that being a live in carer is an amazing way to help older people to live a fuller life. You are aiding their independence and ensuring their health remains in good shape. Being a live in carer is an incredible career if you really want to make a difference.

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  • Thank you Anna,

    When my mum went into hospital, she refused to eat anything at all, so when we started looking at options for care, the idea of her going into a care home was discarded immediately, as we knew she just wouldn’t eat the food. Our live in carers were amazing and looked after her changing tastes really well. She was very happy and ate good meals. Another thing we didn’t have to worry about.

    • That’s so true – my dad spent a few weeks in a care home for rehabilitation after a fall but he didn’t eat much of their food at all. The food was put in front of him but nobody had the time (or inclination?) to encourage him to eat. He was fortunate that my mum was still able to visit every day and bring him food he enjoyed until he went home.

  • It really is a career where you feel you’re making a difference!

  • Its such a lovely job to do..and brings sunshine into lives that so much need your help and friendship ..

  • Live in care work can be stressful but it is so incredibly worth it for both clients and carers.

  • Too true – you can make so much difference

  • Always helpful

  • The best job ever! How rewarding and the job satisfaction must be incredible. Much admiration.

  • A truly rewarding career.

  • Live-in care allows more time to be spent with Clients – which enables positive outcomes to be achieved.

  • I think its a real honour and privilege to enable a person to remain at home and positively impact on their life such that well-being is improved…

  • Being a live-in carer means you have the opportunity to enrich lives in so many ways!

  • This is simply one of the best ways to care for our elderly

  • Penelope Faith
    April 3, 2018 10:29 am

    This really is a truly rewarding career, and I’m pleased to see it being promoted and recognised by others.

  • Live in care is the ideal solution as the carer can cater to their client’s individual likes and dislikes and also sit and eat with them to make sure that they are eating the meals that have been prepared.

  • A good read! Live-in Care work can be very rewarding and can help someone to live their best life.


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