Free up hospital beds – 6 Reasons every CCG should use live-in care

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Over the past few days we have seen many CCGs (Clinical Commissioning Groups) seeking expressions of interest from residential and nursing homes willing to help during the COVID-19 crisis and free up hospital beds.

They are seeking to secure additional capacity as they ramp up discharges from hospital.

Live-in care is a safe and cost-effective alternative to discharging people into a care home, at a time when the risks of cross-transmission within care homes are becoming a great concern. Live-in care mitigates these risks at a comparable price to a nursing home bed.

Our research across our 21 live-in care providers shows that live-in care is the safest way to prevent infection as it effectively shields the vulnerable adult with a single or rotating live-in care worker.

To date we have had only one client case of COVID-19 across 2,600 service users.

How live-in care can support the NHS

Working together, Live-in Care Hub members can support the NHS at this critical time – here’s how:

  • We can support discharge initiatives at volume. Combined we have capacity amongst our members to start 100+ live-in care packages within 7 days. This can be ramped up quickly.

By way of example, on Friday 3rd April, 4 providers of the live-in care hub came together to respond to a similar tender proposal. Within 12 hours, we were ready to mobilise 50 live-in carers. All 4 providers are rated ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality Commission.

  • We can provide a discharge to assess model discharge to assess model or short-term respite services, for example, in 2-week blocks to enable a rapid discharge home before stepping down into a more ‘normalised’ homecare package.
  • We can reduce hospital readmission numbers compared to care homes. Our Better At Home Report shows that people are nearly a third more likely to fall in any one year if they’re in a residential or nursing home, compared to living at home, with professional live-in care. Shielding vulnerable adults with a single or rotating live-in carer significantly reduces the risks of spreading COVID-19 compared to a residential or nursing home setting. This helps achieve the objective of protecting the NHS from surges in demand.
  • We are able to agree a single price across hub members to enable easier and faster commissioning and reduce the administrative burden. 
  • We share similar standards. Having worked together for 5 years at the most senior levels in our organisations, we have built trust and relationships that will enable us to work effectively to keep people safe when they are discharged home.
  • We are ready and able to mobilise quickly.

Live-in Care: A ready-made solution to help with hospital discharges during COVID-19

Live-in care provides a ready-made solution, enabling the most vulnerable to be cared for within the comfort of their own home. An alternative to residential and nursing care that can help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 further. And free up hospital beds to reduce the burden on the NHS.

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  • Good Evening: I am looking for Live in care for my 90 year old mother. Initially, we will need a caregiver for approximately 8-12 hours during the daytime. She cannot be left alone and has demensia. We currently have my neice taking care of the nights but eventually that will change. Do you offer this service? Please contact me so that we can discuss further. Thank you.


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