recovering from a stroke

Recovering From A Stroke? How Home Care Can Help You


Find out how care in your own home can help with recovering from a stroke and with the long term challenges common after a stroke.


There are roughly 100,000 strokes every year in the UK and the most rapid recovery occurs in the first 3 to 4 months, although recovery can continue for up to two years. The aftercare needed when you have had a stroke does not need to happen away from your own home. In fact, home care is a fantastic option for families who want their loved one to recover in familiar surroundings and the comfort of home.


Strokes can be life changing for both the person affected, and their family but with professional care families all over the UK are receiving the unique support they so desperately need, all completely within the home. Care can involve regular visits at agreed times, or it can be 24/7 where the carer lives in your home – there are services tailored to your needs available from reputable care agencies.

Carers With Experience And A Passion For Post-Stroke Care

The best care companies provide experienced carers who have worked with clients affected by all different kinds of strokes. Those carers are not only experienced in working with clients who have had a stroke, but they are passionate about providing the best possible elderly care to help with rehabilitation. You should expect their services to be completely tailor-made to your needs, based completely around providing expert care in your home.

The Importance Of Stroke Recovery At Home

When it comes to stroke recovery, most people would prefer to recover in their own home instead of a residential care home or nursing home. It is also thought that recovering from a stroke is better in familiar surroundings. The home is a really good base for relearning skills and for getting used to and working around changes in physical ability. Your carer will work with your GP, your family, health visitors and any other healthcare professionals to ensure they are assisting in every way possible with your stroke recovery and rehabilitation. At home, continuity of carer is also achieved, so you will have someone supporting you that really gets to know you well.

Stroke Care At Home: Offering A Wide Range of Services

Carers are able to offer you a wide range of services for those recovering from a stroke in their home. Not only will you receive help with personal tasks, mobility tasks as well as help with medication and physiotherapy, a carer can also take care of your nutritional needs and help with things like cleaning, pet care and errands.


If you have experienced a stroke and require recovery support, it could be worth looking into home care. There’s no need to turn to residential care homes or nursing homes when you can receive the care you need in the place you love the most. Consider reaching out to your GP first so you know the level of care you need, and then let us help you find a care provider  able to provide the high quality and experienced care in your home that you deserve.

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Insightful and useful information about recovering from a stroke


As I’m currently dealing with a relative looking to get home having had a stroke I found this quite thought provoking. I don’t think enough people realise this option even exists.


Great blog post!


Really useful information on recovering from a stroke and how care at home can help.


Another great Blog post – thank you


I have seen some amazing improvements with people living with the after affects of a stroke through 121 care at home – improvement at home always happens more quickly


[…] become used to the new way of talking and regain full communication with the person who is recovering from a stroke.¬†However, in some severe cases a person may lose the ability to speak […]


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