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Live-in Care Jobs – Is Training Provided?


Live-in care jobs are extremely popular and here we look at the qualities you need, and whether or not you should expect live-in care training.


Live-in care jobs are extremely satisfying and provide excellent job satisfaction. According to the Better At Home report from the Live-in Care Hub, 99% of live-in care clients say the care and support they get helps them have a better quality of life. That is an amazing gift to give somebody, but not everybody can do it.


To become a carer of any kind you have to be a certain type of person. Somebody compassionate, kind and of course, caring. With live-in care that special something has to be even more prevalent because you’re working with one person for the majority of the time, and companionship is a huge part of the job. You have to be dedicated to your job and really want to make a connection with the person you are caring for.


What Experience Do You Need To Become A Live-in Carer?

A lot of live-in carers do tend to have experience within the health sector already. Some are nurses, some have already had care worker jobs, some have worked in residential care homes. However this kind of experience is not always necessary in order to begin a career in live-in care. It may be that your grandparents or your parents had care needs that you tended to, or you’ve got a special interest in care because of a social working job. The most important thing is that you are compassionate, dedicated, positive and willing to work hard to become great at what you do. It is also of benefit to be physically fit and to work well on your own, making decisions and putting common sense into action.


Is Training Provided With A Live-in Care Job?

Most live-in care providers do offer access to relevant live-in care training and a number require you to complete a comprehensive induction programme. This is to ensure that the right standard of knowledge is met across all of their employees. So even if you do have previous experience or you have had training from another company, a new company may still require you to complete their training so that they know you meet their standard of care.

Refresher courses can also be provided as an ongoing service throughout your employment, to ensure that you remain completely up to date with care standards.


Will I Have Support?

As well as adequate training for your live-in care job, you will always have support. A live-in care provider will not place you on a job and expect you to cope with any difficulties alone. It is an extremely rewarding but demanding job and you will have ongoing support if you need it. Your care provider want you to have a successful client-to-carer relationship and they will help both parties with anything they need to achieve that.


Is There Independent Training I Can Take?

There are independent carer courses you can do which you may have to pay for. These courses will help show your commitment to the job and also help you show a good level of experience and knowledge to potential employers. These types of courses are not necessary though so do think carefully about whether or not the course would be beneficial to you. It may be that volunteering in a care home, or in the local community would serve as better and more useful experience.


Becoming a live-in carer is an incredible career choice and there is plenty of support and live-in care training available to help you become an experienced and qualified member of the care community. Get in touch about live-in care worker jobs today and find out more.


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  • Although live-in care providers very much value the experience some carers bring, they will always look for new carers who have the right personality and attitude to become great carers! All they need is training which as mentioned in the article most live-in care agencies will provide.

  • We provide training and ongoing 24 hour support for all carers and each carer will bring a different personality and different skill set to the team however ultimately you need to have the right mind set and caring nature to be a Live in Carer.


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