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What Factors Will Affect Your Choice Of Care Options?



When you are planning care for a loved one there are lots of different factors that need to be considered before a decision can be made. Here we look at some of those factors.


Requiring care as we get older, whether that is going to be live-in care at home or in a residential care home, is a big change for anybody. There’s so much to consider –  if it is you going into care then you’re choosing how you will be cared for probably for the rest of your life; or if you are choosing care for a relative, you are choosing who you trust with the care of your loved one.

It is a big decision that you want to get right first time, and one thing that can make the decision easier is looking at the different factors that will affect the kind of care chosen. The more informed you are, the more of an informed decision you will make, leading to the happiest possible future for yourself, or the person needing care if you are choosing for someone else. Here are some of the factors that will affect your choice of care option:

Care Needs

Your care needs are so important and if you’re like the majority of people who would prefer to stay at home and receive home care, then that should be the first thing you think about. Is it a viable option? Is there an agency near where you live? It may be that your needs appear to suit a care home rather than at-home care, or perhaps you need 24/7 nursing help and don’t know if that is available to you at home. Speak to your GP or a professional who knows about your care needs to find out exactly what type of care you require. This will help you understand what the most appropriate options are for you.


Now is the time to have an honest look at your care budget. You need to think about your income, assets and how much they are worth, and also factor in the long-term outlook for your needs, and the needs of your partner if you have one. Speak to a trusted social worker or friend or relative if you need further help with budget and costs. There are also specialist financial advisors if you have a complex financial situation.

Personal Preference

You’re likely to have a personal preference, and that is not to be ignored. You might have a care home that you know you would like to go to and you know the care home fees and other details relating to that care home, or perhaps you’ve always loved the idea of live-in care because you love your local community and your own home. Your personal preference matters and should be an important part of your decision.


When it comes to elderly care, it is so important that you don’t base your decision on marketing or biased opinions from the company providing the care. Look online for honest reviews, conversations and testimonials from people who have experience with the care home, or live-in care agency you’re considering. After doing this research, involve those you love and trust in the decision about your future care so that all aspects are considered.

Once you have considered these factors, and other factors that might be relevant to you, organise a visit to the care home you’re considering, or a visit from the home care company you’re considering. Try not to rush this decision because it affects your future and you deserve the happiest, most contented future possible whatever your age, and that can happen with the right care choice for you.

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  • We didn’t really know about the live-in care option at first. We looked at some nursing homes and care homes but Mum and Dad would have had to be split up and move their last 30 years of possessions into one room. Then we found Live-in care and it turned out to be cheaper and better than putting both parents in a home. Everyone was happy – except the care home I expect!

  • Agree that the worst thing is to make a rushed decision about the right sort of care…

  • […] unprepared and have to make a rushed decision. So sit down with your family as soon as you can and discuss your choice of care options so that when the time comes you will be happy with your […]


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