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7 Great Foods To Keep You Healthy In Later Life

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As you age it is important to eat well in a way that sustains your health and keeps you going into later life complete with all the nutrients and vitamins you need day to day. There are some foods you should be eating more of in order to promote vitality. It may be that you have a carer who helps you with nutrition, but it is a good idea to stay on top of it yourself wherever possible to maintain control over your health.


Although it might seem that nutrition isn’t an issue amongst the elderly, reports suggest that over a million people in Britain aged over 65 are either malnourished or at risk of being malnourished. This causes all kinds of health problems and also costs the NHS billions of pounds every year. However, there is plenty you can do yourself if you still have choice and control over the food you eat. For instance, high calorie meals for those with little appetite will ensure you are getting the right levels of vitamins and minerals you need.


To help inspire you to eat a healthy diet as you age, here are 7 great foods to keep you healthy in later life:


  1. Brown Pasta

Brown pasta is low in fat and is packed full of great nutrients and vitamins. The fibre in the pasta is important because it helps to avoid constipation which can increase the risk of intestinal issues and conditions.


  1. Red Meat

Red meat contains lots of iron which you need as you go into later life. As you need fewer calories with age, you should be aiming for the highest source of iron which is red meat so you can get more iron for a smaller portion size.


  1. Oranges

Vitamin C helps iron to be absorbed into the body effectively so you should be consuming fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C like oranges, kiwi fruit, peppers, strawberries, broccoli, tomatoes, and kale.


  1. Brown Rice

Brown rice contains folic acid which helps you to maintain good levels of health as you get older. You can also buy products that have folic acid added, such as breakfast cereals.


  1. Sardines

Bone health is a big issue when you get older, so foods rich in calcium like sardines are a great food for you to eat.


  1. Liver

Vitamin A is an important nutrient but we can eat too much of it so do limit the amount you eat to a portion a week for adequate bursts of vitamin A.


  1. Mushrooms

Mushrooms contain vitamin D which is important for excellent bone health. You may also want to eat foods fortified with vitamin D to ensure you are consuming enough of it. Vitamin D deficiency is a common problem in the UK – in part because of our climate.


Staying healthy involves a lot of factors but a great place to start is your diet, especially when you age and your nutrition needs change. Seek advice and support from your you GP if you are still completely independent, and consider implementing the above foods in your diet for age specific vitamin and mineral benefits.





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