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Tackling the Difficult Decision About Care With Your Parent

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Helping your parent make the right decision about care is a delicate matter. Read our expert tips on how to approach this sensitive subject.

Around a quarter of the world’s population will be elderly by 2041 according to ONS statistics. The rise in the elderly population here in the UK means there are already many issues affecting the elderly because the social care just isn’t in place to support everybody in the way that it should be. We’re proud to be one of the Top 10 UK Senior Care Blogs and if you read any of the other top senior care blogs you will find this is a very common theme. This can be very worrying when all you want is the best care for your loved one, and you want to ensure their high quality of life as they age.

It is so important to help your parent make the right decision about care, so that everybody has peace of mind. Your parent will be happy that they are receiving care in a way and place they feel comfortable with, and you will know your parent is going to be safe and well looked after.

It all starts with a conversation…

Starting a conversation about care with your parents can be downright awkward for many of us. Nobody wants to make their parent feel like some sort of burden or hindrance. For that reason, you must be very careful and sensitive to your parent’s feelings when you raise the subject, so that you can achieve the best possible outcome for all involved. Your parent won’t want to be forced into a situation they don’t want so follow these tips for starting the conversation about care options – there are more than you might think:

Your parent won’t want to be forced into a situation they don’t want…

  • Pick a private place for the chat
  • Pick the right time, when there is no pressure to rush and everybody is relaxed and free from any stress
  • Be ready to have multiple conversations
  • Listen to your parents wishes
  • Be helpful and supportive
  • Be ready to diffuse the situation and take a break if things get heated
  • Don’t go into the conversation to force your idea of what is right

You can find out more information about talking to your loved one about care in this handy Which article on the topic.

Everybody Needs External Advice And Information

It is essential that you and your parent get external advice and information and don’t simply go on assumptions or what you think you know. There are many assumptions about residential care, live-in care and sheltered housing that are not correct. It is also important to know the facts and not just listen to opinionated or emotionally affected information when making any important decision. Take a look at impartial advice on The Live-in Care Hub and Age UK for plenty of information about all types of care.

With The Right Information, Your Parent Will Make The Right Decision About Care in Later Life

The best thing you can do for your parent is to help them get as much information as possible on later life care options available to them – well in advance of when they might need it. Take them to local residential homes to have a look around but remember that there are alternatives and nobody should be forced into a care home, Also connect them with a representative from a local live-in care agency (you can find providers in your area here).

The more information they have, the more of an informed decision they can make. In the end, you’ll both feel safe in the knowledge that you checked all avenues before coming to a decision that provides peace of mind and a high quality of life in your parent’s later years.

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