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Want To Have A Truly Rewarding Career? Become A Live-in Carer


Find out why being a live-in carer is a rewarding career that brings many emotional and financial benefits.


Live-in care is a career open to all. Whether you are new to care or have years of experience there will be a person that will be happy to have you live in their home and take care of them. Live in care jobs are also known for being one of the most rewarding areas of care. Many people choose to move into live-in care because of the many benefits it brings. If it is a career you are considering, these Q&A’s will help you gain a better understanding of exactly what the job can entail, and what it has to offer you as a career choice:

Why Choose To Be A Live-In Carer?

Although everybody has a different reason for moving into this type of career, most are naturally caring and want to care for other people. Helping somebody have a better quality of life is incredibly rewarding. Live in care work allows carers elements of freedom to apply their skills in manners and at times their clients find agreeable. Providing one-to-one care to your clients means you are able to truly make a difference and enhance your client’s quality of life.

But, of course, there are other benefits too such as the type of training in being a carer you could receive, the experience you will gain and being financially better off than in other caring roles.

What Type Of Clients Do You Work With As A Live-in Carer?

You could work with a wide variety of clients as a live-in carer including: individual clients, couples and jobs where the person requires more than one carer. Some clients may have specialist medical needs like dementia (you would only be placed if you had the right experience for the job), and some might need more help with day to day activities like getting dressed and cleaning. All of the clients will need care, support and general companionship. Live-in care agencies work very hard to ensure you have the correct skills and experience to care for the client you will be living with and provide you with all the support you’ll need.

What Hours Are Worked As A Live-in Carer?

Almost every single live in care job in the UK is different and working patterns are always discussed before being agreed. You are likely to work for seven days of the week, but there will be some downtime in the day. Placements may be long term or could be as little as a couple of weeks or months at a time. The beauty of this is you can choose how many weeks you would like to work for and find the job to suit!

What Qualities Make A Person A Good Candidate For Working In Live-in Care?

Those who are well suited to live-in care are patient, kind, positive and they tend to have a lot of common sense. Live-in carers are usually very non-judgemental, compassionate and empathetic. Being organised is also extremely helpful.

If you’re thinking about becoming a live-in carer and think a UK live in care job could suit you, contact some local agencies, like those who are members of the Live In Care Hub, to get more information. The rise in the elderly population has made the demand for carers rise and this demand will keep on rising. Now is a great time to invest in a future career that is important, satisfying and incredibly rewarding.

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  • Informative post, with some important things to think about.

  • Great post. The carers who looked after my parents were amazing, kind, generous, patient (and you had to be with my mum!) people.

  • The carers I know that do live in care love the fact they can tailor their approach to no set agenda other than what the client themselves want, including being able to do meaningful things. These people are very special and like gold dust… if you choose live in care – look after the carers and they will look after you…

  • What a wonderful way to make a difference to someone whilst they maintain their normal routine

  • I’ve certainly met live-in carers who really love their job – in fact it is more of a vocation than a job

  • Live-in care is such a wonderful alternative to a care home – hats off to the carers who make such a difference to their clients’ lives!

  • Being a live-in carer helped fund my travels around Europe. It’s great for those who don’t want to worry about rent and other bills!

  • very interesting – I wouldn’t have considered live-in care previously, but the flexibility is appealing and helping others is something we should all do more often!

  • Great post!

  • Live-in carers make such a difference, they almost become a member of the family and can make such a difference to their client’s lives.


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