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Recruiting for resilience: how care provider reduced employee turnover by 20%

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Those employed as live-in carers are required to have a certain skillset that in some ways differs from a carer working in a traditional residential care home. Live-in carers work with minimal supervision so have to be much more self-reliant and resilient with a higher level of emotional stability.

In 2012, The Good Care Group conducted a study to determine which skills, attitudes and behaviours were found in its best live-in care workers. The study involved psychometric testing and face to face interviews and revealed the following character traits to be most important:

  • Tenacity
  • Resolve
  • Self-discipline
  • Emotional stability
  • Resilience

This information was then incorporated into the recruitment process of The Good Care Group and has enabled them to reduce employee turnover by around 20% each year since 2012

According to Dominique Kent, director of operations at The Good Care Group, “Understanding the make-up of a live-in carer and what makes for real success in the role was critical in improving carer churn and setting up our team for success.”

Other changes have been implemented, based on feedback from employees who have left the company so that more support is offered to new employees.

These include:

  • A residential induction course providing training with the opportunity to meet other carers
  • Regular progress reviews
  • An assigned support contact
  • Access to online learning facilities
  • A 24-hour phone helpline for carers
  • Managers are assigned fewer carers so have more time to provide support
  • Improving communication

See the full story in The Guardian.

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