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Reasons To Love Growing Old

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Here are just some of the reasons you can actively love growing old as the years go by, and appreciate the later period of your life.

There are currently nearly 12 million people aged 65 and over in the UK and that number will continue to rise. That is because people are living longer as certain diseases are being combatted, treatments are improving and living conditions overall are much better than they once were.

We can all expect to live longer now, which is exciting, but only if you choose to be optimistic about ageing. Ageing can be associated in some people’s minds with failing health, being closer to death, losing friends and generally having a lower quality of life. However, with better healthcare and overall a better chance of vitality, there are plenty of ways you can thrive later in life.

There are many reasons to love growing old and here are just some of them:

Very Old Friends

These days connections seem to be so fleeting because of the pace of life. If you have very old friends you have known for most of your life, you’re extremely lucky. True friendships you have had for years are a valuable part of growing old – you will have lived through good times and bad with each other and that makes these old friendships so rewarding and comforting.

Seeing How Different The World Is Now

The contrast between how things were and how they are now is huge for today’s older generations. Yet, in many ways, that means only the older generation can truly appreciate the latest innovations. So why not embrace iPads to chat with your grand-children and make use of voice-activated devices to enjoy music or the TV from the comfort of your favourite armchair. It will be a thrill to you in a way it never could be for the younger generation who take it for granted.

Experiences Still To Come

You may have had a rich and full life, but there is still so much adventure to come – just of a different kind. There are clubs, cruises, groups, apps, devices and all kinds of other opportunities for social interaction to help ensure you can still have new experiences. There’s still so much to look forward to – they will simply be experiences of a different kind to those in your younger years.


Being the older generation of a family is extremely rewarding. Not only have you raised your own children, but you can also enjoy your grandchildren too – without the responsibility! You can pass on knowledge, stories and skills to those you love the most and maybe learn some new skills too in the process.

There are so many reasons to love growing old. So many people don’t reach old age, so it is important to appreciate each and every moment we have. By embracing the ripe age we have lived to, and the experiences there are still to come, life can be as fulfiling as it should be during these golden years.

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