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Live-in Care – The Difference it Makes at Christmas

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Find out how live-in care can make a huge difference at Christmas to the lives of clients and their families.


For the elderly who receive live-in care, the support they receive from their carer makes a huge difference to their life.

A study by the Live-in Care Hub reveals that the vast majority of people would prefer not to go into a residential care home if they become unwell or unable to care for themselves. So, having a service that enables you to stay in your own home as you age really is an incredible gift.

The respectful personal care, help with medication timetables, appointments, getting out shopping, attending social events and being able to keep pets and continue enjoying a garden that you may have spent years cultivating are just a few other benefits clients of live-in care experience all year round. At Christmas, there are special benefits to live-in care – here are just a few of them:


Age UK estimates that there are currently 2.5 million older people in the UK who currently have nobody to turn to. Clients receiving live-in care fortunately do not fall into that category because they have a carer who is there to both help them and to keep them company. At Christmas this is even more important because Christmas can be extremely emotive, especially if you are alone.

Family Support

Although a client may have family at Christmas, they may still need help with personal care and support tasks, often things they don’t wish to burden their family with. A Live-In Carer enables the client to then enjoy the time they have with their family without worrying about being a burden.

Nutritional Help

According to Age UK, over a million elderly people aged over 65 in the UK are malnourished or at risk of it. In winter this becomes more of an issue as appetite can be lost because of low mood or loneliness, and it becomes easier for a person to reach for calorie dense treats instead of nutritionally rich foods. A live-in carer can help provide healthy meals, and help ensure nutritional needs are met as well as make their client their favourite foods and treats too.


Lots of elderly people can feel alienated from Christmas. Maybe because of dementia or mobility issues they feel they can’t join in, or they don’t know how to take part because certain elements of Christmas are stressful. A live-in carer can find appropriate ways for their client to be part of Christmas and to socialise with people their age at a time of year that is for everyone.


Scheduling in NHS nursing care, picking up medication, going to the shops during opening hours and sending off post in time are all things a live-in carer can help with at Christmas. When schedules change and everybody is very busy, a live-in carer will ensure you have everything you need at the right time.

Specialist Dementia Care

Christmas is known to be stressful for those with dementia but specialist dementia care can be provided by live-in carers who have training to support the issues that affect people living with this issue. This will ensure that a client with dementia is both protected from the stress of Christmas, whilst also being able to take part in it without feeling overwhelmed.

Look Into Live-in Care Today

If you think you, or a family member could benefit from home care or live-in care at Christmas, or any time of the year, take a look into it today. You will find the financial side compares favourably to residential care homes with the added peace of mind that your loved one is cared for in their own home.

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