Why live-in care is the perfect alternative to residential care

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The concept of having a carer live with a loved one in their own home as an alternative to residential care is not new. In fact, many of the Live In Care Hub members have been providing such a service for decades. The concept though is still not considered main stream and it is surprising how many people are unaware of this option, thinking that a move to a care home and leaving their own home is inevitable.

There is another option. The option is ‘Live In Care‘ – where, with the help of a specialist provider, like the Hub members, you can arrange for a professional, qualified and vetted carer to come and temporarily reside in your loved ones property, providing the care and support they need to live life the way they choose. The carer is then seamlessly rotated with another providing continuity of care. Rotational patterns are individual to differing provider working practices and dependent on client choice.

More information can be found in our article “What Is Live-in Care?

This article looks at ways ‘live in care’ differs from choosing a care home.

The main and most obvious difference is that live in care enables a relative to remain living in their own home; there is no upheaval, no move to new and unfamiliar surroundings. They can keep much loved pets whereas many care homes are unable to accommodate them. Links to your their community are maintained and life, for all intents and purposes can continue as normal.

A live in carer will provide one-to-one care whereas in a residential home many carers work on rotation system to share responsibility. Being supported by one person promotes a depth of professional relationship that enables a carer to instantly respond as necessary. They can recognise signs of possible decline in condition, changes in mood, rapid onset health concerns as well as fully understand what makes a difference in their client’s day, what makes them laugh and smile, relaxes and soothes them, eases discomfort and generally makes life as good as it can be.

There is funding available for both options. Live in care is comparable in cost to residential homes and compared to some of the more elite homes, is a much more cost effective option. In many instances one live in carer can provide care for a couple, which is a far more viable financial option than the cost of two beds in a residential care home.

For more information on alternatives to residential care please contact hello@liveincarehub.co.uk, for funding please visit our dedicated cost of elderly care page.

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