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Health Tips for Men in Their 70s

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Getting older can be a wonderful time, when all the wisdom and experience you have accrued enable you to lead the kind of life you always wanted. However, it is important to be mindful of your health, as you are, obviously, more prone to certain conditions and illnesses as an older adult. Here are our top health tips for men in their 70’s:

Get Checked Out

On average, men die five years earlier than women because they tend to be more at risk of dangerous health conditions as they age. Heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes – there are just some risks to be aware of. You may, of course, be fortunate enough not to suffer from any of these conditions, but being aware of the symptoms and having regular health checkups will ensure you have the best possible chance of recovery should you be diagnosed.

Eat A Healthy Diet

Eating well is so important as you age and for men over 70, it is even more important as you can reduce your risk of various health problems simply by choosing the right meals day to day. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, healthy dairy and sources of calcium and fat, lean proteins and whole grains, will stand you in good stead. If you are struggling to cook or eat well at home, it is important to as for help. Visiting carers, home helps or meal delivery services could be a real help in getting your nutritional needs met, as well as helping you with your overall quality of life.

Stay Active

Physical activity helps keep your bones strong and your muscles flexible, and it helps reduce the risk of heart disease and even dementia. Cycling, swimming, walking and even gentle weight training are all really good options for activities for men over 70. If you would like to join others your age staying in shape, take a look at Age UK and their guide to local exercise classes for seniors.

Don’t Smoke

There is never a bad time to quit smoking, even if you are over 70 and have been smoking all your life. As soon as you quit your body is able to start recovering and healing. Very quickly you will notice more blood flow to the skin, better taste and smell, you will likely lose your smoker’s cough and you should find breathing much easier. Inside, your body will also be healing the damage that has been caused by smoking over the years. And if you need some support stopping why not sign up for free quitting advice and tips to help your chances of success with the NHS Stoptober campaign.

Stay In Touch

Loneliness can be incredibly harmful to your health, and as a senior, you are at more risk of loneliness. But you can fight against the statistics by staying in touch with friends, family, neighbours and any clubs or groups you belong to. This is one pf the most important health tips for men so don’t be afraid to reach out. The Live-in Care Hub offers lots of tips and advice to help you in later life and if you need care in your own home to help you remain independent why not call us on 0330 311 2906  for independent advice about your options.

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