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Care at Home: The Benefits for Older People

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Ask any older person in the country to list their fears and worries about getting older and the issue which will be at the top of everyone’s list is the loss of freedom and independence. The thought of having to go into residential care worries most people precisely because they can imagine the regimented daily routines and the inability to come and go as they please.

Understandably many older people are looking for an alternative, one where they can keep their freedom and independence whilst still having all their daily needs taken care of. That alternative, and with around 30% of all adults in the UK being over 65, one which is becoming ever more popular, is care at home.

What is care at home?

Care at home, commonly known as live-in care, is where you have someone live with you in your own home to look after you. You will be matched with a personal professional carer who is fully trained and experienced in taking care of people with specific conditions such as dementia for example, or who is there just to take care of your everyday needs whether you have a specific condition or not.

Your professional carer can live with you full time 24/7 if needed or can attend your home on a part time basis. It all depends on how much and what type of care you need.

The benefits

One of the biggest advantages of receiving care at home comes with being able to stay in your own home surrounded by the familiar things and comforts that you’re used to. You sleep in your own bed as you’ve always done and have the continued privacy of your own bathroom. You can watch television when you like, take a nap in the afternoon or go out shopping whenever you want. The point is that nobody is going to stop you doing what you want.

In other words, you maintain your independence with the freedom to enjoy doing the things you like in the comfort of your own surroundings but knowing that someone is there to take care of you.

Customised care which is personalised to you

When you enjoy the benefits of care at home this means you have the undivided and absolute attention of the person providing your care. Their job is to make your life easier by helping with any daily tasks such as cleaning and cooking, shopping, organising days out and even looking after your pets if you can’t.

The care-giver is also vigilant in keeping an eye on any long term health conditions and liaising with medical personnel where needed. Should you be at risk of falls the care-giver is there to help ensure these are avoided. In fact, our Better At Home study revealed that people experience fewer falls when cared for at home. Care services can be customised to ensure your exact needs are met. If you need help to recover from medical procedures, remembering to take medications or personal care the help you need is available whenever you need it.

Find peace of mind for you and your family, knowing you’re getting all the help you need to live a safe and independent life.

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