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​”to be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved​​”
– George McDonald

Care at Home with a Personal Touch

Veritas Care is a family run business specialises in providing high quality and affordable live-in care. We bring a new approach in caring to the UK, developed through our years of experience in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland and UK. Over the past 8 years, we have served more than 20,000 clients throughout Europe.

Providing high-quality care is a must, so our services are designed to meet the highest standards. Our prices are generally 40% lower than average live-in care rates in the UK. Most of our carers come from Poland and Eastern Europe. They are paid a rate that offers them a living wage and keeps care affordable for you.

Friendly Service

When providing live-in care for an elderly person or someone with special needs, it is very important to have a friendly and empathetic attitude towards the client. Carers, who provide their services through our agency, are carefully selected in terms of their experience, education, skills and proficiency in English.

They are subject to extensive screening methods and background checks. In most cases, we will present several candidates to our clients and their families, so that they can decide on who will take care of their loved ones.

At Veritas Group, we have plenty of experience in hiring top quality live-in carers. Our offices are located across many cities in Poland, Germany and the UK from where we try to find the best candidates to provide care services for our clients. Currently, around 1,800 of our carers work across Europe.

“I cannot thank you enough for your service. Our mother, Alicia, was struggling on her own, and as we live quite a distance from her, it was a constant worry that she may suddenly be taken ill, or have an accident, with no one around to help. We knew we had 2 options: either to try to move her to a care home – which she would hate – or else try to find a live-in carer.

We went through the usual care agencies, and in due course found a 24-hour carer: however, we could not afford the staggeringly large prices the company charged us. We then heard about Veritas from a friend, and thought we’d give you a chance.

The carer you have found for our mother is lovely – she has become a true friend and part of the family, and we can rest easy knowing that our mother is in safe hands. Beata is a very well-educated woman, with a keen wit, and is very good at judging Alicia’s moods and tending to her needs. The costs are approximately half of what we were paying, which means that we can afford to keep our Mother at home, where she can spend the evening of her life with some dignity.”

Julian, Carshalton, Private Client

Specialist areas:  Dementia, Alzheimer, Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Cancer, End of Life, Personal Care and Companionship.

Services offered: Live-in Care.

Care model offered: Introductory Agency.

Based in: Head Office: Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Covering: UK Nationwide.

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