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5 qualities to look for in a live in care agency

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Searching for a live in care provider can feel like a difficult and daunting task. As this person will be living with and caring for your relative it’s vitally important that you feel comfortable, safe and happy with the agency providing your care.

In this article we explain the 5 key qualities to look for to help you ensure that you choose the best live in care agency for your loved one.

Attention to detail

Your care provider should want to be fully informed about your loved ones condition, prognosis and personal preferences. This enables them to put together a care plan which is appropriate for you. Often small details can be missed – a good care provider will ask the right questions and take time to get to know you. They’ll be adept at reading between the lines to understand exactly what it is you want and need to get out of your relationship with them.


Your care provider should understand that a person’s requirements are as unique as they are. Your relative may have special requests and will need assurance about certain aspects of their care. For excellent care providers this will be absolutely fine – and they’ll be more than happy to oblige and try to fit in around you rather than applying a ‘one size fits all’ methodology to everyone.

Great reviews 

Testimonials are a very important tool in the care decision-making process. Positive reviews indicate trust and good practice concerning existing clients. Negative reviews can also flag up potential pressure points. These may or may not be relevant to you – but the more you know about what it’s actually like to experience the care this agency or individual provides, the better.

A friendly attitude 

A smile and great customer service goes a very long way – especially in the care industry. Everyone you encounter should be personable, attentive and understanding. They should be interested in your thoughts and comments and happy to answer any questions you may have. You should always feel comfortable discussing your care – and know that you’ll be listened to and taken seriously if you have any queries or complaints.


Your live-in care company and the person who will be providing care for your relative should have plenty of experience and knowledge under their belts. In this profession there are certain things you can’t know unless you’ve experienced them – and the intuitive aspects of care are simply invaluable. These often come in the form of little things which can make a big difference – like the way a carer handles difficult topics, or knows when something isn’t quite right. Always ask to see credentials, qualifications and request details of past experience – good live-in care providers will be happy to oblige.

For more on choosing a live in care provider take a look at our providers page.

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  • In addition to this, I would also add that carers should respect your dignity and take you into consideration every step of the way to allow you to live your life as you choose.


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